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Below are some updated photos showing the progress of the construction taking place at the new Artesia Aquatic Center. Click on the photo for a larger preview.

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Major Donations make the Artesia Aquatic Center a Reality


Mention the name “Artesia” and most people immediately think of water wells.  And while it’s true that Artesia was “born of water” in the heart of the Pecos River Valley, it took more than one well to keep Artesia growing and flourishing. 

The town of Artesia sprang up in the middle of the Pecos Valley along the railroad’s route in the late 1890s.  The artesian water wells were a visual as well as agricultural attraction to early settlers, and Artesia became an agricultural oasis until the early 1920s.  In 1924, another kind of well was discovered when the Illinois #3 oil well came in, opening up the oil fields locally around Artesia and the Permian Basin regionally.  Today, oil and gas continues to flourish in the Artesia area along with farming and ranching.

Starting with our early pioneers, Artesians have always demonstrated an independence and entrepreneurial spirit that drive them to utilize the natural resources we enjoy.  That drive has earned Artesia a reputation as a “City of Champions.”  There is an air of resiliency in Artesia, born from the fluctuations in our industries, and a resolve to find solutions when there is a problem or need in the community.

  • With the help of donors like Artesia General Hospital, Holly Frontier, EOG Resources, Burnett Foundation, Chase Foundation and other private contributions Phase I is a reality. For more information on the companies above, please click on their names.

  • They all have mentioned this will benefit their employees and families….

  • Were so willing to help with this project – such a necessity for Artesia…

  • Kids are not able to learn such a critical life skill

  • City’s role…..

  • Cost of Phase 1 – $10MM

  • Amenities Phase 1:

    • Outdoor pool in the shape of a bulldog

    • 3 waterslides

    • Zero-depth entry toddler pool with a customized play structure representing the Illinois #3

    • 14,284 square foot building with bathrooms, changing rooms, party room and concession area.

    • Swim lessons, water fitness classes, and the opportunity to rent the facility for private events are all part of the plan.

    • Sand Volleyball

    • Lots of space for families to enjoy their summer at the Artesia Aquatic Center

Artesia General Hospital Dives into Artesia Aquatic Center Project


The Artesia Aquatic Center Foundation is proud to announce Artesia General Hospital’s contribution to the planned Artesia Aquatic Center.  Artesia General Hospital Board of Directors voted to contribute $1 million toward construction of the facility and $500,000 toward operations spread out over the first five years.

Planning for an aquatic center has been underway since the spring of 2017.  Artesia General Hospital has been involved from the beginning as a partner in planning, along with Artesia Public Schools, the City of Artesia, and the private sector.  Hospital staff have been instrumental in providing information about ways in which a pool can be instrumental in recovery and overall health for the patients treated by the hospital’s medical team.

“The team of Artesia General Hospital is dedicated to the health and well-being of the communities we serve and we are confident that our Aquatic Center will go hand in hand with improving the health of our citizens.  This unique physical and social opportunity will benefit not only our children but adults and seniors as well,” says Artesia General Hospital CEO Bob Tyk.


The entire Artesia Aquatic Center is estimated to cost $19 million.  The hospital was an early supporter and one of the first to step up with a donation.  

“We are so blessed to have such generous donors in our community.  Artesia General Hospital is an itial contributor to this project, helping ensure that at least Phase I can get underway for the benefit of the community,” says Sandra Borges, President of AACF.

A groundbreaking is scheduled for May 25.  Construction of Phase I, an outdoor recreation pool and toddler pool, is expected to open May 2019.

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